Your Next Steps

If you are new to our program, follow these steps to begin your journey in becoming an Urban University mentor. All Pennsylvania state clearances and Erie City Mission requirements must be completed before you are able to start.

1. Review our program schedule and requirements.

Mentors are welcome to volunteer for as many courses as they like keeping in mind the high level of commitment expected at Urban University.
Some courses may require previous experience or a certain level of expertise.

    2. Review our program contract.

    As Urban University is a Christ-centered program, we ask that you carefully consider these guidelines and expectations. We are intentionally looking for mentors who are willing to help point our students to Christ and His example of servant leadership.
    lease contact the Program Director RoseMarie Croce at 814-452-4421 x226, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the contract.

    3. Review the Erie City Mission Volunteer Handbook.

    The Mission serves as a beacon of safety for Erie through its shelter and services. As a result, these guidelines and policies aid all involved as we seek to "restore hope and transform lives."
    Please pay special attention to the final page of the handbook because you will see these again during your online registration.

    4. ALL Mentors - Complete semester mentor questionnaire.

    Use the following link to apply for the upcoming semester.

    Mentor Summer Semester Questionnaire

    5. NEW Mentors only - Complete the online registration.

    Use the following link to provide us with your contact information and other relevant details.
    We strive to provide the best care possible. Any information we collect is held in the strictest of confidence using the most up-to-date safety and encryption protocols. Should you have any questions or concerns while filling out the form, please contact the Program Director at 814-452-4421 x226.

    ECM Volunteer Registration

    6. Secure ALL state and federal requirements for individuals working with minors.

    Use the following links to complete the requirements.
    In order to serve our students well and be in compliance with PA state and federal regulations, submit copies of the certificates of completion via email or in person at our downtown office. Retain all originals for your personal files. If you have any questions regarding this part of the process, please contact the Program Assistant by email at or by phone at 814-452-4421 x261.
    **Please make note of any usernames and passwords for future reference.**

    • PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 33) - free to volunteers
    • PSP Criminal History Clearance (Act 34) - free to volunteers
    • FBI Criminal History Clearance
      (Please pick ONE of the following.)
      • If you have lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years AND plan to serve as an unpaid volunteer, complete and sign the following form for submittal.
        Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers
      • If you have NOT lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years OR are NOT serving as an unpaid volunteer, you must schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted in order to receive the necessary clearance. (Cost: $22.60)
        You can r
        egister online at IdentoGO:
        (select "Schedule or Manage Appointment" and follow instructions)
    • Mandated and Permissive Reporter Training (Act 31) - free
      (This online course can take a few hours to complete but you are able to save your progress and return to complete in smaller sections of time.)
    • Copy of valid driver's license or photo ID.

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