of our New Life Recovery Program graduates.

Celebrating 109 Years of Service to the City of Erie

The health and safety of our guests and those we serve is our top concern. Although we can’t see you in person, we are glad you have chosen to join us from home as we celebrate the transformation of our New Life Recovery Program graduates, who have been named the 2020 Alumni of the Year.

stories of hope told by our 2020 alumni of the year

When a person comes to the Erie City Mission New Life Program or Grace House, they are at a crossroads — one where they have to choose, to stay where they are, stagnant and unchanging, or to bridge the gap and move forward, toward recovery, hope and healing. Below are our 2020 Alumni of the Year, men and woman who chose the radical life-changing path of recovery. We hope you enjoy their stories, and celebrate their incredible successes with us.

Christopher Sofranko
Ashlee Kaiser
Matthew Kelly

For a physical copy of the “Stories of Hope” please contact the Erie City Mission at 814/452-4421.


Established in 1911, the Erie City Mission remains a Christ-centered community committed to its purpose of rescuing the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. We are devoted to restoring the whole person and sharing the love of Christ with those in our city who find themselves hopeless. The Erie City Mission has endured through two world wars, an international depression, many foreign war conflicts and numerous recessions. Driven by the desire to share the Gospel, our doors have remained open so that lives may be changed and hope may be restored. Our ‘Stories of Hope’ reflect why we strongly believe that the Mission has been called to serve the city of Erie “...for such a time as this.” That is why we say this is, “Our City, Our Mission!”

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
— Esther 4:14 NKJ

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Our Alumni of the Year are incredible people and their stories are full of hope and healing. If these stories touched your heart, or if you want to help transform more lives at the Erie City Mission, you can give a gift today to bring about a future of hope and miracles for some of Erie’s most vulnerable.